GreenPoint Engineering provided a review of the City of Baton Rouge's current solid waste ordinance, and recommended revisions to improve its applicability and enforceability.  The ordinance covers all aspects of solid waste management for residents and businesses in the City of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish, including storage, collection, disposal and .  GreenPoint's review identified outdated reference and practices, updated regulatory references, and proposed new approaches to managing and tracking contract collections and operations.  

Baton Rouge Solid Waste Ordinance Revisions

Woody and yard wastes are a significant and growing portion of the residential solid waste stream in East Baton Rouge Parish.  Further, occasional storm events generate
large volumes of fallen trees and limbs, as debris from a single storm event often greatly exceeds the typical annual volume of residential woody and yard waste. 
To address this concern,  the City-Parish appointed GreenPoint to evaluate the feasibility

of establishing a City-Parish woody and yard waste composting facility in lieu
of contracting these services. 
The study found that a mechanized composting facility 

can accommodate over 50% growth in the 2011 woody and yard waste stream over a
projected 20-year useful life, and can accommodate occasional use following a
tropical storm that generates one-million cubic yards of woody debris. 


Construction and Demolition debris management feasibility study

Solid waste planning