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Robert Heath, PE

Engineering Manager

is experienced in the design of complex civil projects, ranging from flood protection to treatment and pumping systems.

Amer Tufail, PE


specializes in the planning, design and management of public sector infrastructure programs.

​Our team is comprised of individuals well-established in the industry.

Our seasoned staff bring to GreenPoint specialized knowledge earned in high-profile programs.  This proven experience is the most valuable resource we offer our clients, drawing on specialized water resources planning and design programs, infrastructure and facilities recovery programs following Hurricane Katrina and the 2006 earthquakes in Pakistan, and comprehensive construction programs in the Middle East.

greenpoint team

Our Approach

​Our Clients' Interests First.

By putting the needs and objectives of our clients above all else, delivering premier client service becomes a reflex.  This focus is reflected in the long-standing relationships between our staff and our core clients, and in the diverse range of clients GreenPoint supports.


Focus on Proficiency. 

The most effective tool to mitigate schedule and budget constraints is a deep knowledge of the subject matter. The ability to recognize and mitigate risks, as well as opportunities to add value, only comes from specialized experience and technical proficiency. Recognizing this, we make the assignment of tailored resouces the priority of our planning and delivery.


Commitment to Communication.

Effective communication is often the difference maker in achieving successful project outcomes. To address the common pitfalls that result from miscommunication, accessibility and partnering are a prominent feature of our project management approach.

Proven experience

Joshua Herrington

Field Services Manager

is experienced in the administration of water resources construction programs across the region.

Mohammad Tufail, PE

Quality Manager

Brings a record of leading large defense, civil and water resources construction programs, and oversees the quality of our work.

​​GreenPoint Engineering is certified as a small business and as a DBE by several agencies.  

Kristin Bohling

Office Manager

is a project administrator specializing in public works construction, and a US Army Corps of Engineers-certified Quality Control Manager.