East Bank WWTP Effluent Pump Station Improvements

North Regional WWTP Primary Effluent/RAS System Improvements

Terry Town #2 Lift Station Improvements

Lake Cataouatche No. 1 Drainage Pumping Station Improvements



GreenPoint considers sustainabilty a core aspect of engineering planning and design, and an important factor in the assessment of a project's long-term cost of ownership.  In addition to evaluating financially and environmentally sustainable design features, GreenPoint also supports our clients in seeking funding and financing programs that target the implementation of sustainable practices.  

GreenPoint Engineering has supported our clients in successful applications for over $8-million in capital projects through the Louisiana Revolving Loan Program.  This competitive program, managed by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, is intended to encourage the development and implementation of cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the State, and to create employment and economic development benefits.